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RF System Design and Integration

RF System Designs and Integration

As an industry leader in telemetry, J&K Communications, Inc. is known for designing, supplying and servicing quality data and voice radio communication systems. All of which are specifically tailored to meet and fulfill each customer’s needs. Over the course of our 40+ year history, J&K Communications, Inc. has conducted countless propagation studies, the majority of which cover sites in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. With the varying terrain and vegetation across and throughout the Midwest, J&K Communications, Inc. has the experience to design and integrate your system with total confidence. Optimally, J&K Communications, Inc. aims to conduct propagation studies for your new system in the months where leaves are fully developed. This practice allows J&K Communications, Inc. to ensure your system will maintain reliable communication paths year-round. Additionally, J&K Communications, Inc. bolsters these paths with the goal of a 15-year path design. 

For your benefit, J&K Communications, Inc. supplies a detailed, in-depth report from the propagation study that allows our customers to understand the process of the study and the extent of testing that J&K Communications, Inc. provides. This report also offers a non-technical diagram of the entire system, giving our customers any and all information to make an informed decision.


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