Several cell phone towers lined up and captured at sunset. Several cell phone towers lined up and captured at sunset.


About J&K Communications, Inc.

J&K Communications, Inc. started in 1976 as a small, family-owned business with a solid foundation—it has since grown into a flourishing Indiana-based enterprise with four state-of-the-art facilities located in Columbia City, Indianapolis, Kokomo, and Fort Wayne. For over 42 years, J&K Communications, Inc. has been serving the communications needs of both small and large businesses throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

With a robust team of employees, J&K Communications, Inc. sells and services two-way radio equipment, telemetry & industrial communications equipment, 911 dispatch centers, and much more. J&K Communications, Inc. is an authorized service center for Kenwood Communications, GE-MDS, EF Johnson, Zetron, SpectraLink, SpectraCom, and a number of other major brands. Our technicians have been factory-trained to provide, install, and troubleshoot the equipment you rely on to accommodate your communication needs.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at our service and installation experts. Our sales team members are factory-trained on industrial communications systems, 911 centers, and two-way voice and data transmission systems. Combined, our sales team has over 25 years of experience in qualifying customers for the communications equipment that will best suit their needs.

Our business’s growth over the past 42 years didn't happen by chance. Our ongoing success boils down to the foundation of who we are at our roots.

The J&K Way

  1. Affirm that the company exists for the purpose of helping every employee and customer achieve their own life’s goals.
  2. Commit to excellence—give quality customer service.
  3. Respect and believe in people.
  4. Acknowledge the work we do and the products we sell as our personal trademark.
  5. Help one another. Teamwork is the hallmark of an effective enterprise.
  6. Grow in self-esteem—promote a sense of achievement.
  7. Reserve the right to make mistakes.
  8. Maintain constant, honest, and open communications.
  9. Maintain a safe workplace and promote safe work practices at all times.
  10. Provide security in employment.
  11. Grow only as fast as the ability to manage a larger organization.
  12. Recognize that being a profitable enterprise is what will enable J&K Communications, Inc. to work toward the preceding 11 principles.

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