Two firefighters using a fire hose to put our a large fire. Two firefighters using a fire hose to put our a large fire.

GE MDS Unveils FirstNet Capabilities


Unveiling FirstNet

September is National Preparedness Month, and while we are fast approaching its close, the need to be prepared never ends. There has not been a more critical time for first responders, law enforcement, and utilities to ensure they have the best available technology and network infrastructure to support their efforts. For those responsible for the procurement of such technologies, services, and devices, the job of selecting the best products can often be a daunting one; the good news is this chore is now easier.

Forming a public-private partnership, the First Responder Network Authority, in collaboration with telecommunications giant AT&T, built FirstNet®. FirstNet® delivers best-in-class services over the first nationwide network dedicated to public safety. They stand ready to help law enforcement, fire service, school transportation, utilities, and EMS to do their jobs safely, securely, and effectively. While there may be many available telecommunications carriers today, FirstNet® sets itself apart in several solution categories: Collaboration, Technology, Service.

Simply put, FirstNet® is the ONLY service provider that is continuously consulting with local, state/territory, tribal, and federal public safety agencies across the country.

The proper equipment positions users to get the most from what the FirstNet® network offers. GE® has recently announced a FirstNet Ready™ MDS Orbit™ 4G LTE platform that is available now for use on FirstNet®. This MDS Orbit™ delivers the unsurpassed security and reliability essential for first responders and utilities. The MDS Orbit™ platform is factory-configurable which ensures users can connect to the critical data and information they need, when they need it.

The MDS Orbit™ router provides advanced service and security capabilities. Service features such as Priority, Quality of Service (QoS), and Preemption allow for the tailored allocation of resources and makes the best use of available bandwidth. Security and encryption protocols are critical in delivering communications within the police, fire, EMS, and utility industries. The FirstNet Ready MDS Orbit™ router supports boot security, intergrated tamper detection, RADUIS/LDAP authentication, PSK, aes128, and aes256. Another great feature of the MDS Orbit™ platform router is smart auto-failover. Smart auto-failover can be programmed into MDS Orbit™ platforms with dual SIM and radio uplinks which minimizes network downtime. 

The FirstNet Ready™ MDS Orbit router allows access to the dedicated FirstNet First Priority® network. Being connected with First Priority® gives the assurance of availability and prioritized communications even when commercial networks are congested.

First responders and law enforcement rely heavily on communication, both in the field and at the station; having reliable network connection could be the difference in saving lives. FirstNet® deploys a carrier-grade broadband network needed for those on the front lines of emergencies. 

Having the ability to exceed the average daily bandwidth is not only essential to those in public safety but also equally as crucial to many private sector businesses tasked with handling large events. FirstNet® has the ability to bridge the gap, providing additional bandwidth to strengthen public safety resource communications, ensuring the ability to respond to a larger number of incidents. Having access to such additional bandwidth can be useful for things such as sporting events, music festivals, or conventions.

FirstNet® aims to maximize the budget of every public safety entity by allowing end-users to take advantage of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Through the use of a single LTE network, FirstNet® gives the potential for millions of users to form an ecosystem, allowing entities to compete to deliver services through the FirstNet® network. This FirstNet® Core provides a highly secure and dedicated network. 

GE® has a long history of providing the highest quality products; the MDS Orbit™ 4G LTE router checks all the boxes to continue that tradition of high performance and standards. If your mission is to have the best technology supporting first responders, look no further than this FirstNet Ready™ device. For more detailed specifications of the MDS Orbit™, please visit

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