J&K Communications, Inc. tower climber securely climbing an elevated water tank with a van and man life in background. J&K Communications, Inc. tower climber securely climbing an elevated water tank with a van and man life in background.



At J&K Communications you can expect personalized, friendly, and reliable service. We provide on-site and in-house service for both repair and installation of your communication products. 

Our service technicians average fifteen years of quality service experience and our highly trained installation team will bring your system, whether a single radio or fleet of vehicles, online in a professional and dependable manner.

If you need technical assistance, call our shop for exemplary service.

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Annual Service Contracts

Committed to service excellence, J&K Communications, Inc. offers service contracts that cover a wide range of onsite or in-house service expenses, as well as preventative maintenance.

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Complete System Installation

From simple radio installs to 911 centers and citywide telemetry systems, J&K Communications, Inc. has the sales and technical staff with the experience necessary to get you the best results.

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Grant Writing Assistance

With our partnership with Kenwood, J&K Communications now has the ability to assist in grant writing services. If you're seeking information on grants or looking for a grant writer, contact us for more information.

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Nationwide Communication System

The IP501H LTE radio is license free to operate in the United States, Canada and Mexico and can be deployed immediately with only an iCom supplied SIM card.

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RF System Design and Integration

As an industry leader in telemetry, J&K Communications, Inc. is known for designing, supplying and servicing quality data and voice radio communication systems for our customers.

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Tower & Antenna Installation Services

Offering certified tower climbers and service experts, J&K Communications, Inc. has specialized in the sales and service of antenna systems and tower applications for over 40 years.

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Tri-State Communications System

Across the Tri-State area, J&K Communications, Inc. is proudly offering JVC Kenwood’s NEXEDGE digital system, a digital Trunked radio system that offers a more reliable radio solution.

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