Vendor Products

Listed below you'll find some of the most popular products we offer. Our partnerships with various vendors allow us to provide our customers with the best aftermarket products for the radios we sell and service. If you aren't finding what you're looking for, give us a call. We have access to a large variety of products that aren't listed as well.

Headsets & Earplugs

Headsets and earphones allow for a private and heads free option for your two way radio that improves your sound quality and word recognition, while simultaneously improving your productivity. Check out the aftermarket lineup of headsets and earphones we have to offer!

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Speaker Microphones

Speaker microphones are essential for two-way radio users in almost any environment. By adding a speaker mic, you'll get a closer and clearer version of the radio transmission, thus improving your radio communications.

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Sirens & Alert Systems

Mass notification systems are paramount for every city and town across the nation. When you need to quickly alert a community, there isn't a more efficient way. Check out the line of Federal Signal products we carry to meet your needs.

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Call Boxes

Callboxes provide stand-alone or full system utility in entry access management of doors and gates, assembly line maintenance or emergencies, campus and parking garage safety and security, and wherever a fixed wireless battery operated radio is advantageous.

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Radio Straps and Holsters

The H6 Radio Strap is versatile in it's ability to adjust specifically to the size of the individual wearing it as well as the various attachment points to hold essential equipment such as a radio mic, flashlight, PASS device, knives and much more. Pair your H6 Radio Strap with a universal Radio Holster designed to fit most radio types used by firefighters, EMS, police and military.

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