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Top Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been in business?

J&K Communications, Inc. has been in the communications industry since 1976. Over 40 years!

How do I contact on-call staff in an emergency?

To contact J&K Communications, Inc. After Hours Emergency Service, Call us at (260) 244-7975. The voice message will then prompt you to dial 1 for emergency service. Then please leave a detailed message including your name, telephone number, and the problem(s) you are reporting. An on-call technician will be paged and will return your call promptly.

What is UHF, VHF and are they compatible together?

VHF covers 150 – 174MHz / UHF covers 400-470MHz. Due to the difference in frequencies, UHF and VHF radios are not cross-compatible and will not function properly on opposing frequency bands.

What troubleshooting tips can I try before reaching out to service?

Some common issues that our customers run into can be solved with simple fixes. Be sure to check all connections, ensure you are on the correct channel, and/or power cycle before reaching out to the service department. If these troubleshooting tips are ineffective, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist in finding a remedy.

How can I determine what accessories I need for my equipment?

If you are unsure of the accessories you need, give us a call. J&K Communications, Inc. has a vastly knowledgeable staff that aims to assist you. In addition, J&K Communications, Inc. documents all previous orders and can quickly determine what you’ve purchased from us in the past.

What is the difference between NEXEDGE and DMR?

Due to narrowbanding mandates by the FCC in 2013, we are left with two differing digital protocols. A highlighted difference between NEXEDGE and DMR is the ability to have overlapping conversations on one frequency without interference. NEXEDGE allows for one conversation or talk path per frequency while DMR offers the ability for two conversations or talk paths to take place simultaneously on one frequency without interference. As a tradeoff, NEXEDGE provides a better talk range.

What is the difference between Analog and Digital?

The main difference between Analog and Digital is the way signals are transmitted and received.  Digital allows for a minimum of 15% increase in coverage, noticeably clearer audio at greater distances and include more available features for end users.

What areas does J&K Communications, Inc. cover and service?

J&K Communications, Inc. is segmented into two sales departments, Industrial Communications (SCADA) and Two-Way Communications, both of which cover differing territories. Two-Way Communications territory is comprised of Indiana, Western Ohio and Southern Michigan while Industrial Communications covers Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

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